The philosophy that Carpo continues to be fascinated is the Paris style which is “Cherishing the season and admiring the individuality”

The word “CARPO” derives from the Latin word which means to pick a flower for the day, also known as "seize the day”
May our flower will be picked by any one of you and continue to bloom in you heart to brighten up your days.

We will deliver heart-felt and extraordinary flower arrangemant through the lessons, gifts and wedding occasions.


Kumiko is a Japanese floral designer who spent much of her youth travelling around the world experiencing different cultures, history and local floral and foliage, which gave her the inspiration to take up the art of floral design.
Her passion took her from her homebase in Singapore to Paris in France, where she trained under notable florists ROSE BUT and JARDIN DU I'LLONY, as well as Osaka in Japan where she was mentored by Nobuko Yuri from VERDIR.
Kumiko appreciates and admires the work of Yumi Saito, Vincent Laissard and Atsushi Taniguchi, whose influence, coupled with Kumiko’s training in Osaka and Paris is reflected in her approach to floral design - ethereal and natural.
Kumiko focuses on enhancing the individuality of each flower and leaf she works with, creating beautiful and bespoke arrangements that help convey unique stories and messages to the recipient.
Kumiko is currently passing on her learnings through classes and does designs for weddings, shop decor and gift orders.


  • GIFTStand Flower $280~ (delivery $50+ if applicable)

    CARPO FLEURISTE`s flower stands are 100% made by fresh flower and lasting long. Our stand arrangement are currently rated highly among restaurants and suppliers.

  • GIFTFlower arrangement with Vase $200~ (delivery $50+ if applicable)

    CARPO FLERUTISTE`s flower arrangement with vase is extremely unique and individual. The vase itself is made by flowers which is definitely surprising to the person who receives and less troubles for them to handle as the vase comes along with the arrangement.

  • LESSONBouquet de jardin $120

    20-30cm sized round bouquet lesson which you can learn the most basic technique of paris style. Using the seasonal flowers from Holland,Japan, and all over the world.

  • LESSONBouquet de Paris $200

    50cm and more sized bouquet lesson which you can learn the most “paris-chic”style grand bouquet. It is commonly called “champetre”and has been the most loved by parisien and parisienne.

  • LESSONComposition de Paris $200

    Basket arrangement using floral-foam. Create a small garden in the basket which you can develop your creativity. Basket arrangement is commonly given as a gift for formal celebration such as opening shops or promotion.


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